Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Over the course of his involvement with the MDA and his other activities going back to 1952, Lewis claims to have raised $2.6 billion for the cause.

So they fucked him.


"The [doctors] gave him antibiotic and pain medication, but he couldn't afford to pay for the antibiotic, so he chose the pain meds...."

you wouldn't believe the 'sympathetic' comments on this

Sunday, September 4, 2011



Hoenig: Snacky dog is property. If I want to take Snacky's head and smash it against a brick wall (I'd never do that to you) it's my right to do it!

It's my right to do it...."

If ever there were a man that deserves to be drawn and quartered, and have his fucking head placed on a spike for public ridicule, it would be this chimp faced fucker.

Id do it for free. And happily face the music.