Monday, September 27, 2010


All the time, Education Nation.

'I won't be watching it, I think it would break my heart. Thirty three years of pride in my teaching and caring and daily communication with parents and's like it never mattered at all. "

I agree with this teacher, its heartbreaking to watch. Praise for Bill Gates, (But Michelle Rhee appeared in your lives because and when the "global economy" was riding herd on this planet. Globalization was at the very foundation of business model for schools, charters, vouchers, data driven instruction, merit pay, standardized testing, and most perversely of all, paying students to consume their version of education. It was the reason the Business Roundtable and Bill Gates were interested in public education at all. The CEO's wanted a profit making private school system and Gates wanted visas for Indian and Taiwanese tech workers he could pay lower wages to.)
Hour after hour of pundit after pundit, shill after shill, relentlessly attacking the public schools and the teachers union. Oprah, Christie, Bloomberg, the whole fucking so called liberal media jumping on board to piss on our public schools. Media Matters hasn't even said boo.
This situation here is truly MUCH WORSE than I could ever have guessed.
"if you cant turn right and you cant turn left then you have to move straight ahead."

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