Friday, January 28, 2011


Another Mickey Mouse News whore turned nazi mouthpiece for the ministry of GOBSHITE.....

"Manning had thrown chairs at colleagues and shouted at higher-ranking soldiers in the year he was stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y., and advised that Manning shouldn’t be sent to Iraq..."

"...but I would avail myself of this opportunity to admonish or warn YOU ALL to be extraordinary careful about how you report on this story..."
"...Id urge everybody to proceed with caution on this and probably most stories for that matter....."

Can you imagine the sheer unmitigated BALLS of this asshole hair parting pansy ass soul selling cowardly baby man ass wipe who never held a rifle or put his ass on the line for his country or ANYTHING else but himself for that matter, can you FUCKING IMAGINE, this hack fuck ABC news reject FUCKTARD threatening the press or ANYONE to warn ANYBODY about speaking up about ANYTHING AT ALL in this land of ours. CAN YOU FUCKING IMAGINE?????? This sad little piss ant pansy Brain (I Love Limbaugh)Williams wanna be FUCK STICK???? HOLY FUCK NUGGETS!!!!
HOLY FUCK NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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