Tuesday, July 19, 2011


President Obama tried to lecture progressives this morning, to tell us what we “should” be thinking and feeling right now, which is apparently to adopt his neoliberal policies.
No thanks.
....the media coverage has been so bizarre and skewed that the people who be hardest hit have little idea they are in the fight of their lives right now.....

When progressives wanted the public option fast-tracked through the Senate by putting it in a reconciliation bill, Harry Reid simply choose not to do it. Yet now, Reid is working on a way to potentially allow a devastating package of cuts in Medicare and Social Security to move through the Senate at lightening speed.

sucks to get fucked, but it really sucks to get fucked by the ones that are supposed to defend you......its a no win. game over.
see you in the gutter. (at around 67 yrs old)

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