Sunday, August 14, 2011


Cokie (Alien headed fish eyed whore) says Social Security should go.......
Remember when Cokie insisted that a raped and tortured nun was lying so her scumbag brothers law firm could take a payoff from Guatemalan death squads?

While working in Guatemala, Sister Dianna Ortiz, a Catholic nun from New Mexico, was raped and tortured by members of a death squad until a US supervisor recognized that she was from the US. Although there was no doubt of Ortiz's torture and ample evidence to corroborate her claims of an American supervisor, Roberts insisted that Ortiz was lying in a 1996 interview with Ortiz on the TV show "Nightline." Roberts' brother, Tom Boggs, working for the law firm of Patton, Boggs, & Blow, was paid by the Guatemalan military to promote a more positive image of the death squads and the military dictatorship in Guatemala.

Cokie would sell out a raped and tortured nun for a payout, how soon they forget.

Cokie's brother, super-fixer and "lobbyist", Thomas Boggs, is reportedly a pay-off man in Washington. According to published accounts, Boggs has been the lobbyist for central american countries and their "death squads".

"Fuck that Nun, my brother wants that blood money!"

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