Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Remember Rick Ray Rector? Slinky sneaky fuck allowed a retarded guy to die so he could score some points. There was a documentary on this but cant be found
(oddly enough) shows the warden calling Bubba over and over minutes before the execution to ask for a stay....Clinton couldn't be bothered.
Any man that can pocket his compassion and allow a retarded guy to die is a fucking animal. Period.

.....Enter Bill Clinton, 1992 presidential candidate. Clinton interrupted campaigning in New Hampshire to fly home to preside over the execution of the mentally challenged Rector. (Such an act was not necessary legally - the execution could well have proceeded without the governor's presence in the state. But Clinton wanted to prove that he was a "new" Democrat, tough on crime.)

History has not treated Clinton kindly for this calculated and callous act of political opportunism. In 2002, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle wrote:

A date which ought to live in infamy for the Democratic Party is Jan. 24, 1992. That's the day Ricky Ray Rector was executed in Arkansas while Gov. Bill Clinton stood by and did nothing. On that day in Arkansas, the Democratic Party also died. Its body is still with us, to be sure, but its heart and soul died 10 years ago.

He sold his soul ages ago......

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