Wednesday, June 1, 2011


After Bush turned down Obama's invitation, he flew to New York on May 9 to give a talk with Clinton to the wealth-management arm of UBS.
The giant Swiss bank in 2009 cut a deal with the Justice Department to pay $780 million to settle a probe into tax evasion by thousands of its clients.

(Clinton also nixed a White House invitation to appear at ground zero, citing scheduling conflicts.)

...Obama has an estimated net worth of $5 million, far below predecessors George W. Bush ($20 million), Bill Clinton ($38 million) and George H.W. Bush ($23 million).

Bush spoke in Florida at a Professional Golfers' Association event that was underwritten by the accounting giant Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the firm that several years ago paid $225 million to settle class-action suits related to its work for Tyco International.

the former oilman has talked to at least two energy conferences in Texas. One was sponsored by Hart Energy, an industry consulting firm, and the other by Cambridge Energy Research Associates, where he teamed up with Clinton again.

Can you possibly Imagine in any fucking galaxy or dimensional space in any realm of existence whatever, paying this mindless sive of a half witted fuck up talk about ANYTHING AT ALL let alone
$15 fucking million? I am Afraid, Things have devolved so fast and far now, there is no return from the chasm....

This nation no longer produces leaders who serve the public trust, only greedy little WhOrEs that serve themselves.

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