Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Delicate Irish Rose Crushed By Demon Spawn

Teen Girls in the USA have become so vicious they continue to spew their demonic visceral hate even after a girls death. Fact is, they learn these vile putrid mechanisms from their vile putrid parents in a vile putrid country that tells its kids these vile putrid bullying mechanisms are fine. Idiotic self centered parents and moron bullying role models, the US school system is a shit hole of vindictive relentless demon spawn that learn nothing of any real value at all. No art, no music, the only two things that outlast a dying culture. And when the demon spawns dark masters run out of $$$ its gonna get worse. The unholy fuckers that raise these tongue studded, tattoo wearing, moral-less daughters of satan are more concerned with how popular and cool the spawn is than slapping some basic fucking decency on them.
My advice is to 'em "the hell out of there."

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