Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Heres another WHORE willing to sell his father out for a chance to make more money with the evil fuck sneaker making monster Nike.
A company run by another MONEY WHORE who uses little kids to make him wealthy. But thats okay now I guess right? I mean if its okay for the GAP and Coca Cola and CHRIST KNOWS WHO ELSE, why shouldnt Tiger get his? I mean who gives a shit about some skinny stupid Haji working himself crosseyed, so Tiger can have his knob shined by some skanky twat? Fuck that kid, Tiger needs his money! GET BACK TO WORK!!! This whiney boy-creep will stoop to the lowest level just to keep his endorsement deal. A billion dollars isn't enough for this liitle cock sucker for hitting little white balls around on a lawn with a fucking stick. You'd think the greedy little fucker would cash in his billion chips and drop out of sight for a while. No, not this guy. This fucking jerk off asshole aint goin nowhere. His fucking FISH FACE is right there in YOURS, PLAY-ACTING remorse for MORE MONEY. Who really cares who he fucked? His filthy shame should be how he WHORED his father for a buck. TALK ABOUT BRASS FUCKING BALLS. DOES THIS SHIT HEAD HAVE NO SHAME??????WHAT A DICK!WHAT A CREEPY FISH HEADED MR SPOCKY ASS MOTHER FUCKING NARCISSISTIC DDIIICCKKK HEAD!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOU TIGER!!! FUCK YOU AND NIKE TOO!!!!HA!

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