Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stuff your i-pad up up your i-hole

"This don't be evil mantra: It’s bullshit.” Steve Jobs.
Yeah thats right. Steve thinks you should be evil. At least as evil as himself. A creepy scrub his asshole canal with a toothbrush, then combs his ass hair just so evenly fucking freak fuck of a cock sucking weirdo fuck-nose prick.
"Adobe is Lazy."
Yeah, so fucking lazy that they only created the single most superb program on the planet, Photoshop.
Fuck you Steve Jobs you creepy fuck. Take your pussy i-pad and stuff it down your creepy black silk panties. Nobody except the stupid crowd wants your fucking rip off AT&T piece of shit product or your fagotty "APPS STORE" puke, you twisted up evil prick fucker!!!!!!!FUCK YOU!!!!AND FUCK YOUR I-PAD YOU SANCTIMONIOUS FUCK DWEEBLE!!!!!"ITS MINE ITS MINE AND I DONT WANT TO SHARE" TYPICAL BABY BOOMER FAGGOT FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!ID LIKE TO WIPE MY SWEATY ASS CHEEZE ON YOUR SHIRTS AND PISS IN YOUR LAUNDRY YOU CLEANY-WEENY WEIRDO FUCK!!!!!!

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