Friday, February 4, 2011


“people who are sleeping on the grates…the homeless…are homeless, you might say, by choice.” Ronald Reagan

"Reagan also presided over the dramatic deregulation of the nation’s savings and loan industry allowing S&Ls to end their reliance on home mortgages and engage in an orgy of commercial real estate speculation. The result was widespread corruption, mismanagement and the collapse of hundreds of thrift institutions that ultimately led to a taxpayer bailout that cost hundreds of billions of dollars...."
"...During his stump speeches while dutifully promising to roll back welfare, Reagan often told the story of a so-called “welfare queen” in Chicago who drove a Cadillac and had ripped off $150,000 from the government using 80 aliases, 30 addresses, a dozen social security cards and four fictional dead husbands. Journalists searched for this “welfare cheat” in the hopes of interviewing her and discovered that she didn’t exist...."
"....she confided she was a young child when Reagan was in the White House. “I learned a lot when he passed away,” she told me, saying she’d watched quite a bit of the news coverage of the 2004 funeral. “I watched it all day,” she said. “I learned he was a great man.”

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