Wednesday, February 23, 2011


State Sen. Nancy Detert, FL, aka; HEARTLESS PIG.
She was the president of the Republican Women's Club of Sarasota in 1996, the same year that she was president of the Suncoast Chapter of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers.

The Florida Senate and new Florida Gov Rick Scott are now seeking to restrict unemployment benefits to employees calling some recipients of these benefits “slackers and malingerers.”

State Sen. Nancy Detert, filed a bill Monday that would tighten unemployment eligibility, make it easier for businesses to deny benefits and push laid-off workers to take lower-paying jobs after they have received 12 weeks of payments.

The bill would also reduce benefits for workers who’d received severance packages and require first-time claimants to complete a workplace-skills test within 14 days of filing for benefits.

Detert, R-Venice, chairs the Senate’s Commerce and Tourism Committee.

We just want everybody to up their game a little bit more and for it to be more proactive and more fair,” Detert said. And as for people slacking on jobless benefits, the measure seeks to involve a more rigorous process for checking that than the current automated phone check-up, she said.

“We’re asking them to actually prove they’ve been out looking for a job,” Detert said. “Basically it changes the benefits, and gives a more level playing field between claimants and employers.”

Because in FL (a right to work state, which means you have no rights at all) Nancy gets a free Golf trip for every POOR FUCK she throws into the FUCKING GUTTER!!!!!!

Florida legislators billed $37,000 for private flights

Sens. Mike Bennett, Garrett Richter and Nancy Detert on several weekends traveled together from Sarasota on a prop plane operated by Dolphin Aviation. The total bill to taxpayers was $12,355.

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