Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mika Brzezinski (english major daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski)
"My Dad was talking about this nine months ago, th- the fear of, almost, a class warfare. In this country I remember you thought- everyone kinda thought he was a little crazy, because he thought people, would be on the streets, ...(gasp) anyhow...I hope not, because..."
"This would be a really good time to go to break..." Joe.

Yeah Joe....... really - good - pussy beady eyed,
MuRdErInG FuCk.

Mika knows its coming. All the trendy Starbucks ad's crafty music placements and self aggrandizing Donnie DoucheBag 'James Dean' presentations of Joe and herself as hip cool celebrity windbags wont be worth a hill of fucking beans when the jobless carless homeless foodless gun wielding masses come lookin for heads to spike. Especailly the heads of the idiots that have been pushing the propaganda that put them there. Like Joe's. Especially Joe's.
Her father knows it. She knows it. And Joe knows it, but by the time they are chasing him across the blood stained ice of Emperor Bloomberg's smokeless Rockefeller Plaza it will be to late. Joe's luck will have run out. And the face of Lori Klausutis will be what hip cool GOP Joe sees just before they decend upon him and tear his hip cool body limb from fucking limb. Instead of a Christmas tree there will be Joes head....with an empty blood stained Starbucks cup for a fucking hat.

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