Friday, March 4, 2011


This sloppy shit stained sack of pussy scumbags is what passes for journalism today in the US.
They make the rounds on the boob box collecting cash for tricks they perform for their pimps every motherfucking day, and then they whore them selves out for the bigger doe by collecting cash for publishing smut for our celebrity game show host political class.
If you REALLY want to know why things in this country are so completely and unequivocally CLUSTERFUCKED beyond repair, you have these four droppy, unethical, morally bankrupt, ass spreading whore slut baboon fuckholes to thank for it.
The 'I GOT MINE' crowd at its consummate unsurpassed and nauseatingly abhorrently narcissistic.
Every Time I see one of these pussy fucks on the shit box I feel like I'm gonna vomit.
Especially you Mike Allen. You mealy mouthed Elmer Fudd Mother FUCK. Id like to snap your fucking ribs with softball bat and piss in your mouth. You pussy bitch piece of shit.

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