Thursday, April 28, 2011


"Go buy my fucked up book of total horse shit and help me pay for these God awful looking false teeth..."

Mega whore and make believe soldier (never had the balls to serve for real) Fuck Norris is peddling a book of slop so he can keep his whores in diamond studded dildos. This no talent schmuck was fortunate enough to get rich off poor slobs who liked his shitty movies, now hes spewing doctrine and biblical mumbly to squeeze out more....what a whore of a man.

Chucks bullshit;
Reconnecting with America's fear driven heritage

De-construcing Judeo-Christian ethics and morality in society

Valuing human life—both inside and outside the womb (but not on the battlefield)

Respecting traditional and family values, not you

Preparing a practical plan for your selfish gain
Eliminating personal and national debt by fucking over the less fortunate

Enforcing border control and reducing drug trafficking, immigrants, and terrorist threats, notice how we snuck in immigrants, even though thats the whole notion of america

Reawakening your personal American dream by getting the immigrants to work for nothing.
Im Fuck Norris and Im a TOTAL DOUCHBAG

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