Friday, April 1, 2011


HOLY FUCKWAD!!!!look at this UgLy MuDDer FuGG!!!!
"Is Brewer seriously proposing that the very poorest of the poor be made to pay even more because they can't afford to be thin? Paying a $50 fine is cheaper than changing your eating habits for life. A $50 fine is cheaper than buying a decent pair of gym shoes so you can take a brisk walk without killing your knees. It costs a lot more than $50 to join a gym so you can exercise in an air conditioned room--which is no small thing in the Arizona heat, especially if you already have a chronic illness...."

First the ScHeMe to fill the Private Prisons with a slave labor force of poor Mexiacns, and now steal fifty bucks from the poorest of the poor who have to eat MacDonald's and smoke because they are an asshair from a nervous breakdown....this woman is by far the most despicable excuse for a fucking human bieng on the planet. What in the Jackson H Fuckwaddle are those creatures in Arizona smoking to elect this CrEaTuRe from hell into office????
I am dumbfounded.

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